Nov 032009

I’ve refined my idea of what I’m trying to achieve with my astronomy posts.

I want to inspire awe, curiosity and child-like wonder!

Today I was reading about neutron stars. Now a neutron star is a dead star, thus it doesn’t have any fuel to burn. It has about the mass of our sun and consists almost completely of neutrons! This means it has roughly the density of an atom nucleus! So a neutron star with the mass of the sun but it’s only the 20km in diameter! whoa!
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Oct 172009

My renewed interest in astronomy a couple of months ago was sparked when I started listening to some introductory lectures available freely online. I then found out about the public lectures given at the South African Astronomical Observatory. These are given to celebrate the International Year of Astronomy which marks 400 years since Galileo look through a telescope at the stars. After attending the lecture, the local amateurs setup their telescopes and let the assembled masses look at some obvious targets ie. Alpha Centauri, The Jewel Box, Jupiter.

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Oct 132009

Since rediscovering astronomy I’ve found some awesome resources for beginners that I have personally listened to and read.  Hope you enjoy!




Aug 312009

Astronomy Cast Logo

I’ve recentlty started listening to Astronomy Cast, an amazing podcast about astronomy.  It reminded me that space was my first remembered love!  I was always fascinated with planets, asteroids and stars.   One of my earliest dreams was to be the first person on Mars.  “A facts-based journey through the Cosmos helping you undersstand not only what we know but how we know what we know” is it’s intro and it delivers.  It’s hosted by Fraser Cain from Universe Today and Pamela Gay from Star Styder.

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